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Use only a Web browser and easily increase utility and security.

ZSentry App includes a custom web portal branded to your organization.
No setup.
Click ZSentry App
to signup, login, reset,
recover, configure, manage,
get support & use.
iPad & phone: click and bookmark in Home Screen

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 / month, get ZSentry App, Client and API for full use. Freedom to cancel at any time. Buy ZSentry Now»

No Download, No Setup:
Already integrated with leading browsers and platforms. Click ZSentry App» to login and use. At no extra cost, you can also go app-less with ZSentry Client»

Personalization: (optional)
The sender choices for the ZSentry App (and ZSentry Client) can be personalized using the ZSentry App Dashboard. To access, login using ZSentry App» and look for the Dashboard controls at the bottom. Choices in the To/Cc bar can also be personalized. When you are done, make sure you click "Dashboard > Personalize > Save" to make your choices the new default for ZSentry App. They will also become active for the ZSentry Client.

HIPAA Advisory:
If your organization is a HIPAA Covered Entity, HIPAA compliance requires the ZSentry Premium service with at least a one-year license.

The default ZSentry Premium sender choices are HIPAA-compliant with automatic mailbox authentication, login monitoring, and expiration control, enabling secure first-contact and reply without recipient registration. Senders can personalize ZSentry to use a different default, where other choices are available in the ZSentry App Dashboard and in the To/Cc bar. For example, senders can require recipient registration, and also login, can activate the Secure Vault option (check the Bcc Me box in the To/Cc bar), and request a Return Receipt with Who, Where, When, What and How information when email is read, and much more.
ZSentry App is the web-based way to send and read secure email with your own choice of email provider, whether or not web-based. Enables Web Browsers to send and read secure email, and communicate securely with ZSentry for account configuration and self-management. Has no setup, plugins, or installation. ZSentry App is included in all editions.

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