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Unwall your communications

Safely keep ZSentry messages encrypted in the cloud or with ZSentry Secure Vault in the device.

Your pocket is your office. Support BYOD, also for your customers. People can use the device they already own and love. Less work for IT and users, with NO CHANGES to services, devices, software, carrier, MX or other DNS records. Easily increase the utility and security of any device, with ZSentry.

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Problem: Mobility and Security Gaps

In the past, we developed many ways of reaching each other, each method specialized in application. We used email for quick discussions, FedEx for contracts, postal mail for sales brochures, fax for urgent documents, phone for business conversations, SMS for alerts, websites for digital media, and traveled for meetings.
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Today, we look to do all that with a smartphone. Or a tablet, or whatever we want to use.

This shift to communication convergence, however, makes it harder to... communicate. There are now mobility gaps. For example, if you want to send a message to a customer, should you send it to her desktop email? To her cell phone? Is the cell phone a smartphone or not?

Communication convergence also creates security gaps, as the user moves about and can use different devices. This makes it harder to assure security and regulatory compliance, for example with HIPAA.

Increasing device diversity is also one of the most significant enterprise security concerns today, with the consumerization of information technology. Today's workforce doesn't sit all on a company's payroll, or are solely within their IT control span. Rather, more users bring in their own devices.

Solution: Add ZSentry

With ZSentry, you can unwall your communications. There is no more guesswork, or gaps.

ZSentry adds anyway mobility and end-to-end encryption on the desktop and for mobile devices. You can send one message and connect securely to employees and customers anywhere, anyway, anytime, in the desktop, tablet, and phone, who can then read and reply securely as well. What users see is automatically matched to access level, experience, and device capability, while assuring regulatory compliance.

Users can keep the device they already own and love

That's where NMA ZSentry fits in. ZSentry enables instant-on security and anyway mobility, works with what you have, and does not change anyone's Inbox, email address, mail provider or service.

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