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A summary and links to available Technical Notes are presented below. At the bottom of each page, you will also find links to the Main Technical Notes. Some items included here are available for general audience through the ZSentry How-To page.
  • ZSentry: The NMA Solution NMA ZSentry uses a unique middleware technology called Network Middleware Application™ (NMA). ZSentry takes in the often difficult aspects of communication convergence and regulatory compliance and balances them with a service/platform that creates "instant-on" compliance and convergence, anywhere, anyway.

  • Overview: This article discusses how ZSentry extends your existing IT investment, provides unforgeable authentication with adaptive security, introduces innovative "no targets" technology for unsurpassed security online, and how everything works together to enable security beyond the enterprise, which can be customized according to your needs and is always current. ZSentry enables a secure and seamless flow of information from conventional applications to business processes throughout the enterprise and beyond.

  • Identity Verification: ZSentry provides high-value identity and address verification, with a multilevel, multi-channel, varied, adaptive, and ongoing (ie, also after registration) evaluation.

  • Why Not Passwords? This work applies to all online applications and services that require user login or access control, possibly the top security problem facing Internet users today. We appraise the affordability, security and usability of Internet user access control systems by using five frequently asked questions. We evaluate username/password and the cryptographic systems X.509/PKI, PGP, Voltage (IBE), and ZSentry (NMA). ZSentry is a next-generation technology that is shown to be more affordable, secure and usable than the best point qualities provided by the other solutions.

  • ZSentry Comparisons: ZSentry includes the best of each Desktop and Cloud, with enhanced security and reduced cost in each case, while assuring the highest scores of security and usability when compared with other technologies.

  • ZSentry App: By means of a web browser, ZSentry App enables users to send and read secure email as easily as regular email and communicate securely with ZSentry for account configuration and self-management. Users may configure the service for default use by all messages, and also per-message. Has no setup, plugins, or installation. ZSentry App is included in all editions.

  • ZSentry Zero (API interface): By means of Mail clients and Cloud apps with zero added user interfaces, ZSentry Zero enables users to send and read secure email as easily as regular email. Users may configure the service for default use by all messages, and also per-message. Has no plugins or installation. Requires client setup. ZSentry Zero is included in all editions.

  • Key Features: ZSentry includes sophisticated features, previously not available even on expensive high-end email systems. Easy to use, requires no extra hardware, plugins or downloads.

  • API: The API offers a ZSentry engine with SSL/SMTP send and receive connectors. Works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook, Word, C# and .NET, as well as Java, PHP, and other message service tools. No download. No plugins. No requirements on any existing plugins. No installation.

  • ZS / PKI / PGP: In providing support for strong authentication and encryption, ZSentry supports three security technologies and one open (universal) choice.

  • SAML & SSO: ZSentry offers SAML & Single Sign-On (SSO) services, providing customers with full and fine control over the authorization and authentication of user accounts that can access web-based applications at the customer, at ZSentry, or elsewhere.

  • Security: The security of online applications is a key business issue and in some cases represent the most significant threat for organizations.

  • Usability: Both Usability and Security are increased by demanding less from sender and recipient. Usability is the #1 property of a secure system.

  • HIPAA & HITECH: A summary discussion about ZSentry meeting or exceeding HIPAA, HITECH Safe Harbor, and other regulations.

  • Experience: ZSentry, ZSentry Mail and secure email Zmail are NMA technology and trademarks since 2001. The ZSentry technology was first qualified by the Swedish Government's Ministry of Justice Statskontoret in 2001. This was continued by a number of public tests in the US and abroad. The first ZSentry Mail (Zmail) was sent in July 2004, followed by open public tests with a free sign up model. Since then, users worldwide have trusted ZSentry Mail (Zmail) to secure millions of email messages.

  • Why ZSentry? NMA ZSentry provides an affordable, secure service platform with strong authentication and high usability. ZSentry also supports PKI/X.509 and PGP, and extends these standards in significant ways, reducing to a minimum the demands on what users must learn and have to be trusted with.

  • Red Flags: Even though the choice of a security solution involves many aspects, and this list of Red Flags is not complete or a foolproof indicator that something is wrong, what is clear is that a selection process should not overlook some obvious Red Flags discussed in the article.

  • ZSentry Director: This is a custom installation, certified by ZSentry, offering seamless end-to-end secure communication under customer physical control. May include ZSentry App, ZSentry Zero, and ZSentry Authority, including the ability to issue and manage ZSentry access credentials.

  • Team: We have a unique combination of top technical skills, experience, creativity and the ability to communicate on a personal level. This allows us to apply our talents in a fresh approach and simplify information to be more user-friendly. As a result, the NMA Team is leading in a new generation of usable and secure Internet technologies, exemplified by ZSentry and Zmail.

  • Compliance Statement: ZSentry meets or exceeds regulatory compliance requirements, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) & HITECH Safe Harbor, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), International Standards Organization (ISO) 17799, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws.

  • Usable Secure Email Technology: With ZSentry, your login credentials and your keys are not at risk anywhere. There simply is no password list or keys that could be attacked. ZSentry protects both the privacy of your communications and the keys that protect your privacy. ZSentry does not require any changes to email standards or applications.

  • Desktop and Cloud: With Desktop, Cloud, and Mobile support, ZSentry can provide new, critical opportunities for cost reduction and cost avoidance in enterprises, while reducing waste, promoting a green eco-friendly label, and limiting risk online for everyone.
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