ZSentry Secure Use Options

There is no plugin or installation. ZSentry 1-click security is already integrated with leading solutions in desktop, cloud, web, and mobile platforms.

You Choose How You Want To Use ZSentry
Your choices of devices / apps and solutions include Cloud clients (Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Yahoo, Zoho), Mail clients (Outlook, MS Hosted Exchange on Office 365, Apple Mail, Thunderbird), Web Browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer), tablets and phones (iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Nokia), devices (fax, scanner, voicemail), servers (Linux, Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Apache, Postfix, Dovecot), and services (SMS, IM, Single-Sign-On, file storage).

1. ZSentry On-Site: (Preferred) Uses a Mail Client and a Web Browser
This option is usually preferred due to some important benefits including:
  1. easy mashup of desktop and cloud data/services;
  2. before sending, message scanning can be done locally and/or at a designated server;
  3. you can safely store, read, and search offline (for example, in a local drive) a plaintext copy of the sent secure email;
  4. rather than have two, three or more separate user interfaces, you can choose a single user interface and use it securely with ZSentry for all platforms;
  5. it does not leave (even temporarily) a plaintext cache in Google Apps, Gmail, MS Office 365 or elsewhere online of your sent secure email.

    Start here: ZSentry for Mail clientsGo

    The On-Site setup uses a Mail Client and works with Outlook, MS Hosted Exchange on Office 365, Thunderbird, iPad, iPhone, Android, or MS Exchange server. You can add Google Apps and Gmail accounts, and receive all email from Google, MS Office 365 and other accounts, read secure email directly through ZSentry, send regular email using Google, MS Office 365 and other accounts, and send directly through ZSentry any message that you want to send securely. You can also let your Mail Client or MS Exchange scan your message and automatically send through ZSentry according to policies that you define.

2. ZSentry Cloud: Uses a cloud service and a Web Browser
Can be used with a cloud service such as Google Apps, Gmail, and FastMail.

Customers are often concerned to store their documents in a cloud that they cannot exclusively control. With ZSentry, customers can use the cloud without needing to trust the privacy and security protection of providers, exempting the control concerns.

Regarding privacy and HIPAA concerns, customers can setup ZSentry for Cloud so that plaintext messages, sent mail, and drafts are never stored in the cloud, even temporarily. Or, clean up the plaintext copies stored in the Sent mail folder in Google. Using Google Apps, for example, customers can protect become HIPAA compliant with ZSentry.

ZSentry Cloud also supports segregated systems for government customers, with data stored in a location they choose.

Start here: ZSentry for Cloud clientsGo

After setup, the ZSentry Single-Sign-On (SSO) for sending secure email is integrated with Google Apps and Gmail. The SSO operation occurs behind the scenes, in-between clicking Send and the email being actually sent. If the user notices anything, it will be the absence of an intermediate login step. The Cloud setup uses Google Apps or Gmail to receive all email, read secure email directly through ZSentry, send regular email, and send through ZSentry any message that you want to send securely. Also works for sending secure email using email addresses provided by Yahoo Mail, AOL, and others.

3. ZSentry App: Uses only a Web Browser
Does not require setup. Use your browser to send and read secure email directly through ZSentry. Receive your secure email in your usual Inbox; use also with IM, SMS, and file storage. Works also with iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Android.

Start here: ZSentry AppGo

You can click and bookmark on the home screen for easier future use.

4. ZSentry SMS: Uses a phone with SMS service and a Web Browser
Does not require setup. You receive a single secure SMS in your phone, and click to read the secure message directly in the phone Web Browser, supporting images, HTML formatting, and any size. You can send and reply securely using the phone Web Browser. The phone cache is encrypted and can usually be deleted on closing. More information at ZSentry MobileGo

5. ZSentry API: Works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook, Word, C# and .NET, as well as Java, PHP, and other automation tools
The API offers a ZSentry engine with SSL/SMTP send and receive connectors. More information at ZSentry APIGo

6. ZSentry SAML: Offers SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) & SSO (Single Sign-On) services
Provides customers with full and fine control over the authorization and authentication of user accounts that can access web-based applications at the customer, at ZSentry, or elsewhere. More information at ZSentry SAMLGo

7. ZSentry Director: Installed and certified by ZSentry in systems that can be owned, controlled, and hosted by the customer
Provides physical control of plaintext information and first encryption layer. Ensures an end-to-end secure tunnel from sender to recipient. Online servers do not know the message. More information at ZSentry DirectorGo

8. ZSentry Flex: Anywhere, Anyway
More setup options are possible, also in combination. Your ZSentry account supports any combination of On-Site, Cloud, ZSentry App, Mobile, API, SAML, and Director use, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, extending your existing IT investment, and enabling Cloud, Web, Desktop, and Mobile use anywhere. Request a Support Ticket if you need help.

Read the NMA ZSentry Regulatory Compliance StatementLearn more
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What if I already signed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?
This means that you are placing your organization at a much higher risk than needed.
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Technical Info: These setup options are based on the architecture flexibility afforded by ZSentry Zero and ZSentry App.
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