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Popular Questions (more at Frequent Questions)

Expand / CollapseCan ZSentry use Gmail to send and read encrypted email? Files?
Yes. There is nothing to install or download, and no plugins. Gmail and Google Apps can send (and read) secure email and files, privately and directly from the Google web interface, a Mail client, or a phone. There is no change, to send securely you just click Send. The secure email is received in your Inbox. Also works with Yahoo Mail, Outlook online, and other email addresses. Go to ZSentry + Google»

For more choices for devices and apps, go to Powered by ZSentry»
Expand / CollapseCan I prevent Google from reading my Inbox?
Expand / CollapseCan I prevent Google from reading my sent mail?
Expand / CollapseCan ZSentry also secure Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet, and Calendar?
Expand / CollapseWhy do I need to protect email?
Regular email is like a postcard, that anyone can read and even write on it. While some may consider that this is solution acceptable, it is clear that not everyone and not every organization and government agency want their private correspondence to be written as in an open postcard. Legal requirements, such as patient privacy rights (HIPAA), client-lawyer secrecy, patent rights and other internationally protected rights require a solution.

For example, organizations have a legal obligation to prevent privacy breaches, and not just for medical records (HIPAA). And as people often painfully learn, information will out.

The only protection you may have with regular email is if it is no longer available on the web after it is received. This protection is broken, however, in network disk caches, and with webmail such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. It is also broken at your ISP, when your message is stored waiting retrieval, even if you use an SSL service such as Google to encrypt message delivery to your mailbox.

And it is also broken at your laptop and desktop, which are vulnerable to theft, hackers, and (as it often happens and you are not even aware of) someone who can use your computer when you are not looking.

And, of course, that protection exists less and less today, as more and more email messages are routinely cached for traffic, service and surveillance reasons. Information can also be leaked, at any of these points.
Expand / CollapseCan I use ZSentry anytime, anywhere?
Yes. ZSentry users can login or just read ZSentry messages anytime, from anywhere they desire, including from computers they are using temporarily.

ZSentry is a zero-footprint interface. The access security at ZSentry does not depend on the user's IP (Internet Protocol) number or localization. ZSentry does not use client side Java, or ActiveX controls. Encrypted session cookies (that are deleted when the browser closes) may be disabled by the user before login, or by unchecking the box for "Allow 1-Click Access" before submitting the Usercode.

We do not expect problems with users using any current web browser and email programs. In case of doubt about your web browser, try the Browser Test»
Support Questions

Expand / CollapseWhere can I find a list of the most common questions?
Go to the Frequent Questions page. Other pages with Q&A are the Quick Start Guide» and the Help for New Users»

Most common questions for mobile, web, and desktop use are addressed in the Home Page»
Expand / CollapseWhat is account self-management? How can I get help? Answers?
ZSentry's most critical user account management functions are provided for self-use 24/7 online using ZSentry App»

Account Reset: In case of loss or compromise you can request a reset of your ZSentry Account by using the corresponding button in ZSentry App»

Credential Recovery: Available using ZSentry App» for Premium Users and Managers. This is useful in case the password cannot be remembered. To use this service, you must first set it up with a Security Question & Answer, which are used to encrypt your Private Recovery Record. ZSentry does not have access to the Security Q & A after it is set by you. You may keep the Private Recovery Record with yourself or safely store it in your encrypted and de-identified ZSentry area (default). Without your security question and answer, the Private Recovery Record is useless.

Support Ticket: In order to save you time, enrich our answers, and let you review them whenever you want, we provide support service by email. We are also available by phone and postal mail if you cannot reach us by email. Please use the ZSentry App» to request a Support Ticket when you want to let us know quickly that you need assistance. No registration or login required.

NOTE: You are the only holder of the login credentials (your ZSentry Usercode and your ZSentry Password) that grants access to your account. ZSentry does not store your keys, password and usercode anywhere, not even hashed or encrypted, so they are not at risk with us. Our personnel do not have and cannot access your login credentials. Our personnel will NEVER ask you for your login credentials, for any reason whatsoever.
Regulatory Questions

Expand / CollapseIs ZSentry FFIEC compliant? Can I use ZSentry for ecommerce and online banking?
Yes. The ZSentry Interface and the data viewed or generated for transmission constitute fully compliant transactions under FFIEC. This service employs the ZSentry technology for two factor authentication of users, including a proven anti-phishing solution.

For additional information, see the Compliance Statement
Expand / CollapseIs ZSentry HIPAA compliant? HITECH Safe Harbor?
Yes. ZSentry is certified as a Health IT HIPAA compliant Product under ARRA and EHR, and complies with other regulations including HITECH Safe Harbor, GLBA, FERPA, and U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws.

ZSentry operates within HIPAA compliance without requiring users to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), although a BAA can be signed if desired. Read more»
Expand / CollapseCan I use ZSentry Mail to vote in US public elections?
Yes, if you are one of the seven million US voters abroad (UOCAVA voters) and you vote in a state that allows electronic ballot transmission. You can also use ZSentry mail to register to vote. This is important news for everyone, and we hope to introduce more convenience, privacy and security in election methods anywhere in the world. A privacy and security study is available upon request.
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