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  • NO MESSAGE SCANNING, DLP (Data Loss/Leak Prevention) is provided after encryption
  • Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest
  • The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys
  • No protected data is permanently stored with ZSentry, although encrypted
  • Secure two-factor login
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Reach any user device securely with anyway mobility
ZSentry means less work with IT and users. Encrypt and decrypt with one click, including two-factor user authentication.

Your ZSentry-secured solutions will feel exactly like what you use today on the desktop and phone, and your recipients' solutions will also benefit from your use of ZSentry and yet feel exactly like what they use today, with no changes.

You will receive your secure email at your usual Inbox, with an email address that you already have and with nothing routed through ZSentry, using your Mail client or Web browser as before.

ZSentry does not change any of your services, devices, software, providers, MX or other DNS records. There is no change to any user interface. Does not change how email or other Internet protocol works. Does not receive email and does not host email addresses for users. There is nothing to download or install, no plugins or add-ons, no digital certificate to add. There is no POP or IMAP server use, no stored cookies, no ActiveX controls, no Java, Javascript is not required, setup is optional.

You will need to use a ZSentry account. The Free Trial is not a ZSentry account. To have an account, you may signup through your organization or individually. For pricing and purchase, go to Pricing»

After purchase, you will receive an email from with instructions and will follow them according to your case:
  • Individual or two Users: Follow steps 1-2-3 in the Sign In instructions»
  • Organizations (>2 Users): One or more ZSentry Account Managers (ZAM) in the organization will be appointed to work more closely with ZSentry, control account roll-out, add and remove users. For >10 users, users do not need to know their access codes. Account Roll-Out, Centralized Management, and other instructions for organizations are given in the Sign In instructions»


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Our ZSentry Certified Partners» may also provide local and online services for your organization, and help assure regulatory compliance.

Why Your Organization Should Use ZSentry
ZSentry online and mobile technology can help your business find new ways for cost reduction, and go beyond to focus on generating more value to customers and users. ZSentry provides regulatory compliance with unfettered mobility, and makes your messages stand out from the clutter. Send secure messages with 1-click, including mail and SMS. Receive secure messages in your regular Inbox, as usual, and read with 1-click. Use the Dashboard to include branding, and personalize options.

COMPLY WITH BUSINESS REGULATIONS: Regular email is not a secure method of communication. Every email or attachment you send over a computer network is copied (and perhaps even backed up) on many different computers, without your explicit knowledge and consent. Anyone can send a regular email in your name or using your email address.
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Sign Up: To register your Name and Email Address with ZSentry, touch Signup» and select an option.
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