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Choosing The Skin
For Simple and Secure Decryption

The "Skin" defines the visual appearance of your ZMAIL secure email message, its transport protection, and its decryption method. ZMAIL automatically selects the best Skin and can also be set to use one of the following options:


ZMAIL messages using the ZMAIL or ZMAIL+ Skin are sent as a standard HTML-encoded email message. With ZMAIL+ the entire message is included. With ZMAIL, a secure link is included but not the message. This allows a ZMAIL Skin message to have the same small secure size for any plaintext message size.

After you click READ, you will be either asked to log in or, if you have not closed your browser after your last login, you will access the message with 1-click. ZMAIL will show you the decrypted and verified message, with no effort from you.


The ZSENTRY Skin is useful when the recipient does not want, or cannot, receive email using web page style (HTML encoding). The same format is used with IM Skin (for secure Instant Message and storage). This is how a ZMAIL message may look using the ZSENTRY Skin:



The text within bars above is a sample ZMAIL encrypted message, with gibberish text, using ZSENTRY Skin. ZSENTRY Skin uses 6 bit-encoding (corresponding to 2^6 = 64 characters, also known as Base64), to ensure compatibility with legacy email systems. ZSENTRY Skin is also printable and faxable. The 64 characters are the 10 digits, 26 lowercase characters, 26 uppercase characters, '+', and '/'.

You can read this type of ZMAIL by copy-and-paste: log in and paste the boxed ZMAIL message in gibberish text (example above) into the Read box (on the green Menu, select Decrypt) and click READ. That's it! Your message will be verified and decrypted.

NOTE: You can create a bookmarklet to obtain 1-Click Access™ to ZSENTRY Skin messages and, just like with a ZMAIL Skin message, read many messages with a single login.

NOTE: To ensure delivery, some Skin types may not be available for AOL, AIM, HOTMAIL and other services.

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What happens behind the scenes after you log in? The ZMAIL Skin uses a form element in HTML encoding, which is used to submit the encrypted message to ZMAIL when you log in. ZMAIL detects the message in the incoming stream, verifies it (including a verification that your registered and confirmed email address is the same as the message's sender or intended recipient, as cryptographically assigned), decrypts the message using the authenticated keys you have with that sender, and presents the plaintext message to you. Only the intended recipient and the sender are able to read the message.

1-Click Access™: There are two main methods to automate ZMAIL, allowing you to login once and read many messages. ZMAIL Skin messages are already automated, using 1-Click Access™. Messages with ZSENTRY Skin (gibberish text encoding) can be automated by creating a bookmarklet.

Surely all this requires Java? ActiveX?
No, ZMAIL works using technologies built right into the browser or email agent. You don't need Java, ActiveX or any plug-ins at all. There's no download and no installation process.

How about deployment? Encryption systems are often very complex to implement and manage. Why is ZMAIL different?
Conventional encryption systems require complex software to install and maintain, including PKI, key management, certificate revocation, and digital certificates that need to be renewed yearly for every sender and every recipient. In addition, notwithstanding all the effort to set up and maintain such secure systems, end-users will typically bypass them because they are too complicated to use, and will revert to sending email in the clear. ZMAIL encryption is different because it requires no end-user involvement to provide secure and confidential email messaging. Because the end-user does not face any key management or encryption issues at all, it's easy to deploy. There is nothing to download, nothing to install and practically no training required.

How about people who receive my emails? Do I need to ask them for their key first?
No, you can send encrypted emails without pre-enrolling recipients. There is no need to "negotiate" with your recipients prior to sending an encrypted email. Likewise, because recipients have almost no burden to read ZMAIL, and no cost, they are not asked to invest much and time and effort before they are able to read your encrypted email.

How about all the email clutter today? Won't my ZMAIL burden the recipient even more?
Your encrypted and authenticated ZMAIL should easily stand out from the clutter of spam, virus and phishing emails, allowing your mail to be read with ease of mind and priority -- a win-win situation for sender and recipient. The recipient knows the email came from you and has not been read or tampered with by anyone else.

ZMAIL Spoofing, Phishing, Pharming and Spam FAQ

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