Simple and secure ZSentry login prevents spoofing and phishing.

Where's my ZSentry Usercode?
Your ZSentry Usercode is a short code with 6 characters, such as T Y 5 M B L. It was sent to you by email. ZSentry makes it easy to avoid typing errors:
  • Letter case is not important -- "U" and "u" are the same.
  • The uppercase letter "O" is the same as the number "0", and the lowercase "o".
  • The uppercase letter "I" is the same as the number "1", and the lowercase "i".
  • Use Usercode Peek to Show what you typed and is shown as ******, before you submit.

What if I did not receive my ZSentry Usercode? Please check your INBOX at your registered email address for a message from containing your ZSentry Usercode and instructions. Spam filters may place this email into your SPAM or BULK email folder. If you cannot find your email and have not logged in yet, just register again and a new email will be sent to you.

Where's my ZSentry Return Code?
The Return Code (RC) is a three-letter code that is used to prevent spoofing and phishing attacks. It was first shown to you in the web page following your registration; the same code is also sent to you in your registration email. When you enter your ZSentry Usercode in the first login screen, the RC is calculated by the website and shown to you in the second screen. Matching the RC prevents spoofing, phishing and pharming, which SSL alone cannot provide. When you verify that the three letters calculated by the website match exactly the three letters of your RC, which you have not disclosed in the first screen, you have the first proof that the website is legitimate and can be trusted to process your ZSentry Password in order to authenticate you. Additional values that you have not disclosed are provided as proofs for your verification after you log in, including your name and email address that must be correct on top of each page.

Where's my ZSentry Password?
You defined your ZSentry Password when you registered. It has at least 8 characters and it is case sEnsiTiVE.

What's Usercode Peek™ and Password Peek™? They are a Zmail tool to help you reduce login errors. Click the link to read what you typed as your ZSentry Usercode or Password, which are masked as "********" in your screen. You should only use Usercode Peek or Password Peek if you know no one else can see it. Make sure you will remember your ZSentry Usercode / Password. It is a good idea to WRITE DOWN and keep a copy somewhere safe, possibly in two different safe locations, and NOT near your computer.

What if I forget my ZSentry Usercode / Return Code / Password?

ZSentry Login: The login procedure is the same for Zmail Premium and Basic users. After you register and receive your ZSentry Usercode, go to and login as a registered Zmail user. You will be asked in that first screen to enter your ZSentry Usercode, but not your ZSentry Password. After you enter your ZSentry Usercode, the website will calculate what should be your RC and show it to you in a second screen. If your RC does not match, first make sure you entered your correct ZSentry Usercode in the previous page. You can go back and try again; use Usercode Peek to read what you actually entered. After you log in, your name and email address must be correct on top of each page. NOTE: Refuse to enter your ZSentry Password at any time if the RC is not showing or the letters are different from what you have.

HELP & CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Go to the Support Center link at any page for help and support requests.

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