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  • NO MESSAGE SCANNING, DLP (Data Loss/Leak Prevention) is provided after encryption
  • Your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest
  • The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys
  • No protected data is permanently stored with ZSentry, although encrypted
  • Secure two-factor login
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • Reach any user device securely with anyway mobility
ZSentry means less work with IT and users. Encrypt and decrypt with one click, including two-factor user authentication. Your ZSentry-secured solutions will feel exactly like what you use today on the desktop and phone, and your recipients' solutions will also benefit from your use of ZSentry and yet feel exactly like what they use today, with no changes.

You will receive your secure email at your usual Inbox, with an email address that you already have and with nothing routed through ZSentry, using your Mail client or Web browser as before. ZSentry does not change any of your services, devices, software, providers, MX or other DNS records. There is no change to any user interface. Does not change how email or other Internet protocol works. Does not receive email and does not host email addresses for users. There is nothing to download or install, no plugins or add-ons, no digital certificate to add. There is no POP or IMAP server use, no stored cookies, no ActiveX controls, no Java, Javascript is not required, setup is optional.

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We have been providing end-to-end encryption services worldwide since 2001. From the early ZSentry reviews to today, what matters most to us is what you have to say.

Technical Reviews

ONC/CHPL HIPAA certified

ZSentry is ONC/CHPL certified to provide a HIPAA-compliant EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solution, including encryption when exchanging electronic health information (170.302.v) and providing an electronic copy of health information (170.304.f).

The ZSentry service interface and the data viewed or generated for transmission are ONC/CHPL certified to constitute fully compliant Standard Transactions under HIPAA.

Selected in the 10 Enterprise Must-Haves (CIO Insight)

Sweden Statskontoret

The ZSentry technology was first qualified by the Swedish Government's Ministry of Justice Statskontoret (the Swedish Agency for Public Management) in 2001.

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User Reviews

"I think that this product is awesome! Count me in." by J.P., Chicago, IL

"Emails I receive ... that are non-administrative and any responses that I send ... become a part of ... legal record. Administrative emails are appointment changes, cancellations, etc. Standard emailing is not secure without encryption which is why I use ZSentry." by C. A. Michie, Cary, NC

"With almost 3,000 members, two hospitals and dozens of different work areas in each, it is important for us to be able to reach securely each member at their private email address and yet retain the access rights assigned to each nurse. We have been using ZSentry mail since 2005 for securely distributing ballots and contract surveys, with very positive results. We have sharply increased returns, increased quality of responses, and reduced mail costs to only about 20% of our membership, while assuring each one's correct information access rights. The 24/7 customer support is also peerless." by Colleen Salsbery, RN. Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement (CRONA), Stanford Hospital and Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford, CA

"I have a solo medical practice and I need to send about 10 to 18 attachment voice files to my transcriptionist each day. In turn she needs to send me the transcribed versions of the files. Overall it is working nicely. No problems sending or receiving information." by Micha Joffee, M.D., Vienna, VA

"I've registered for zsentry mail and I found it really useful especially when I didn't use my home pc and read my mail from other computers. I'll definitely pass the word for this excellent product to my colleagues." André Camilleri, Malta

"Finally, I also have no personal or financial tie to this company either but I also wanted to let you know that I made a very valuable discovery of a relatively young company that has developed some software (ZSentry mail) that has some incredibly valuable applications for anyone (e.g. health care providers, financial brokers, researchers) who works with confidential and/or sensitive information. I literally searched for months before finally locating this company - I didn't find anything else like it on the market - and it was exactly what I needed. One of my Harvard roommates referred me to this company (called NMA ZSentry Mail) and I received the kind of customer service that is very, very rare these days. So, I'm motivated to help spread the word about this product, since I like to see good people and good ideas succeed. The ZSentry mail software allows you to do things like...
  • Send to a particular recipient(s) email address(es) and verify when each recipient has received your message
  • Track the access to, and use of, data
  • Prevent email forwarding
The program also complies with security and privacy regulations." Shauna Springer, Ph.D, Walnut Creek, CA

"Wow... you are right! You encouraged me to try it out (the work of a single mouse click) and it works just smoothly and fine. Your original message looked frightening, i.e. I was afraid that I had to download keys and certificates and all that interesting stuff when doing PGP and S/MIME." by RG, Ph.D., Koblenz, Germany

"Thank you for your quick, complete, clear and rational support. It will be our pleasure to inform our client we were able to easily get as much from ZSentry." by Ho thi-Vinh, Vietnam

"I use ZSentry mail to send private medical records, and keep them private. Everyone who opened my ZSentry mails was satisfied with how easy it was to use. I think that ZSentry mail serves a real need in my profession." Jay Luxenberg, M.D., San Francisco, CA

"The ZSentry ballot process worked very well for our last election." by Norman Veen, PMP, Past President. Project Management Institute, Central Iowa Chapter, IA

"My wife was thinking that a great way to back up our Quicken data might be to just ZSentry mail it to ourselves...as an off-site storage tool." BG, M.D., San Diego, CA

"Clear and understandable. That ZSentry targets a distinct threat set with phishing, builds upon that countermeasure to then protect PHI [Protected Health Information, HIPAA], and distinguishes these countermeasures from what SSL does while securing the connection and data transfer, is all clear and differentiated. I get its unique value added, expressed in these terms." by PW, Ph.D, Simi Valley, CA

"For email, I usually use outlook and gmail, sometimes with zsentry." by ampguy, online.

"Since we don't know that email configuration of the recipient is secure, we have to create that environment in the email itself. Therefore the email itself must first give an address to a secure session in order to read the email, thus providing end-to-end encryption. ZSentry can do this. I have not found anything else yet that can." by sardonic, online.

"Try zsentry.com. The receiver doesn't have to have an account. I setup medical offices with it b/c of HIPAA and Hitech. Best solution I have found yet to encrypting your email without both ends having to setup their mail clients for it." by waffull, online.

"Easy, Reliable, Cheap. Sounds too good to be true? It's real. I set this product up on our domain in about 30 minutes and could not be more impressed with it. Easy: The ease of use makes my job so much easier. When researching a product for secure emails, one of my biggest concerns was complication. I have to teach my users how to use the product and truth be told, not everyone is an IT professional. After setting this up in Google Apps, the user simply chooses whether or not to send the message securely... that's it. Reliable: I've yet to have one failed email. Cheap: It's free if you don't use it that often [Editor: free to reply], otherwise there are some pretty flexible and extremely cheap plans." by Nicholas Molyneux.

"Great way to send HIPAA compliant data via email. I have a solo medical practice and I need to send about 10 to 18 attachment voice files to my transcriptionist each day. In turn she needs to send me the transcribed versions of the files. Overall it is working nicely. No problems sending or receiving information." by Micha.

"Compliant solution that is easy for me and easy for my customers. I am a health insurance consultant. HIPAA compliance is very important in my practice. I was looking for a HIPAA compliant Google Apps solution that was easy for me and easy for the recipient. Zmail by ZSentry is that solution. I work with many insurance carriers and they all use different systems with different password requirements. I have not had one person have trouble accessing the data I send them and they can reply or attach additional data securely from that email. It is relatively easy to set up and very flexible. When I had questions customer support was very responsive." by Lee Deskins, CLU.

"The function is right and the people are great. We use ZSentry for the secure messaging need to qualify for the Meaningful Use requirement of the federal EHR incentive program. It's exactly what we need, and the interaction we needed as developers in PowerBuilder was always pleasant and to the point." by jrlandau.

"Best integrated secure email. Advantages:
1. Integrated into Gmail.
2. Secure to from Gmail to email client.
3. Full report of time and place of actual pick up of email.
4. Auto-delete feature gives you confidence that email is not there for prying eyes long-term: it isn't there after 10 days."
by Ted Hobson.

"Very Easy to use and Install [Editor: there is no actual installation]. This is an excellent solution for HIPAA compliant emails. The setup was very easy. I just followed the instructions and it worked great. We have campuses across our state and this will be a very easy roll-out to our users. Looking forward to the storage solution." by Julie Hensel.

"Works with iPad and my cell, also in desktop Gmail and Outlook. We just got an iPad and have been testing ZSentry with it. I was impressed by the fact that it integrates well with different e-mail programs in the iPad, including Gmail and iPad Mail, and even allows me to send secure attachments. It also works with Outlook and Gmail in my desktop. Also with Gmail Mobile in my cell Nokia 6682, even though it's old, so that I can send and receive ZSentry mail from my cell. Sometimes I have a need to receive and send HIPAA compliant e-mail, and I can't foresee when or where I am, so it is nice that I am able to work securely from anywhere." by Tiffany Ann.

"Secure emails directly from your Gmail or Google Apps account. I work in a Doctor’s office where fast and efficient is just as important as secure and simple. I like to know that the patient information I send gets to the right person and doesn’t get lost on someone’s fax machine or desk. With ZSentry mail, I don’t have to waste time phoning to find out if they received the information because I get an email letting me know when they opened it. The best part is that it does not make HIPAA compliance a burden. The person can read and respond securely right away without downloading a new program or even registering. I let our ZSentry mails self-destruct after a month, which also removes our license for reading even a copy of it, so that each ZSentry mail enforces non-disclosure and reduces everyone's risk." by Maria K.


ZSentry is the only security that lets you do what you want.™

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