How ZSentry Works

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Zmail* is the secure Mail module of ZSentry:

  • ZSentry works as a middleware between existing infrastructure and your existing applications and desktop systems, enhancing functionality and security while eliminating a need for any plugins or installation.
  • Zmail provides on-demand and/or onsite (customer-hosted) email secure services, integrated with "instant-on" ZModules, such as Secure Forms and Secure Vault, using unforgeable two-factor authentication (cryptographic) and anti-spoofing protection.

Privacy and Security on First Contact: Zmail complies with HIPAA, FERPA, FFIEC, GLBA, SOX, U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws and ISO 17799 regulations. Zmail allows you to receive, read and reply with secure email on first contact, with anyone — and with just 1-click. No registration or login is required to read and reply securely. Uses the software and email address that you already have. Works with any OS (eg, Windows, Mac and Linux) and is able to seamlessly reach mobile, web and desktop users with a single message.
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Secure Login: Zmail uses two-factor unforgeable (cryptographic) authentication. mutual authentication, and a proven anti-phishing solution. ZSentry does not store your keys, password and usercode, not even encrypted, so they are not at risk anywhere. ZSentry protects both the privacy of your communications and the keys that protect your privacy.After you login, you can decrypt, verify, sign, encrypt and send Zmail. Your usercode and your password are not at risk anywhere.

Sign, Encrypt & Send: Encrypt and send email to anyone on first contact, with 1-click. Securely send and confirm receipt of any document and email, including fully verifiable details of What was delivered, as well Who, Where, When and How your message was read, with no prior experience, no email address change, no installation, and no download. Encrypt and sign attachments too. Your signing key is not at risk anywhere.

Receive Secure Email: You receive Zmail at your inbox, for an email address that you already have. You use your current software, ISP or webmail provider. Zmail does not receive email and does not host email addresses for users.

Read & Verify: Read with 1-click. You decrypt and digitally verify Zmail with a single click, right at your inbox, or using the Zmail interface. Your decryption key is not at risk anywhere.

No Download, No Registration Required To Read: Zmail works using technologies already built into web-browsers and email software. Nothing is installed in your computer. If not required by the sender, recipients can securely read their Zmail without registration or login.

Already integrated with: Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, web mail services including Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo, and most mobile devices that support SMS.

ZSentry Is Easy To Deploy, Easy To Use

ZSentry does not change any of the applications you use. With ZSentry:

  • receive email as you do today or want to tomorrow (mobile, web, desktop)
  • any existing email address can be used
  • there is nothing to download
  • communication is spontaneous, there is no prior arrangement
  • senders cannot fake their email addresses
  • messages are received as they were sent
  • only the respective recipients can read messages sent to them
  • cryptography does not stand in the way of users
  • there are no intermediaries, no certificates to buy, no key escrow
  • send secure messages to anyone, receive secure messages from anyone
  • Recipients can read and reply FREE with ZSentry Basic

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* ZMail and ZSentry
ZSentry is a security platform. ZSentry, ZSentry Mail, Zmail and Sans Target are NMA trademarks since 2001. Since 2004, ZSentry and secure email Zmail have been extensively used and peer reviewed, with the result that they offer higher security and usability than PKI/X.509, PGP, IBE and other secure email systems, with published comparisons and references.

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