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There are many things that ZSentry does very well, and some that no other product does, while offering more integration and more choices for secure communication than any other product. However, we find that the main value for our customers, partners, and users is that ZSentry security fits in without any changes to their systems, or how they use their systems. Ultimately, ZSentry is about people — who have so far been the weakest link in security processes. The organizations we work with learn this and how to take advantage of ZSentry not just for regulatory compliance but also to provide better mobility, usability and generate unique advantages.  Ed Gerck, Ph.D., CEO
ZSentry* is a U.S. Certified Health IT EHR Product, ARRA and HIPAA compliant, and was selected in the 10 Enterprise Must-Haves by CIO Insight.

ZSentry meets the needs of both organizations and people, with instant-on regulatory compliance, mobility, usability, and product aggregation.

ZSentry Advantages
Only ZSentry improves, secures, and aggregates user's services on the desktop, phone, and web browser, providing:
  • Foolproof
    Until now, humans have been the weakest link in IT security. ZSentry is designed to avoid common problems caused by human error or misuse. No training, software, purchase, setup, signup, or login for recipients to read and reply to secure messages. Organizations can use ZSentry for secure communication with no concern that users will have password, technology, or device issues in any platform.
  • End-to-end Encryption, Regulatory Compliance
    Security, verified. With ZSentry, your data is protected by end-to-end encryption, onsite, online, and at rest. The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys. Get peace of mind for email, webmail, SMS, web forms, file storage, cloud service and more in the desktop, tablet, and phone. ZSentry is certified as a Health IT HIPAA compliant Product under ARRA and EHR, and complies with other regulations including HITECH Safe Harbor, GLBA, FERPA, and U.S. State Security Breach Notification Laws.
  • and Anyway Mobility
    Beyond mobile devices. With ZSentry, there is no more guesswork. Send one message and connect to employees and customers anywhere, anyway, anytime, in the desktop, tablet, and phone. What users see is automatically matched to access level, experience, and device capability.
  • with No Changes.
    No plugin or installation. Already seamlessly integrated in leading IT solutions that users and organizations have and know how to use, with no work for you or them. You can continue to use your current IT solutions, including devices, email provider, email address and Inbox. Your email is not received by or routed through ZSentry.
No Installation, Always Current
No more software installation, updates, software that becomes obsolete overnight, or outdated plugins. ZSentry is provided online and onsite, and is always current, with the latest improvements in security and usability. No installation, no plugins, no plugin incompatibility. No cost of deployment or update, and no technical support required on your site. Account self-management and on-demand web support available 24/7.

Extends Your Existing IT Investment
Integrate MS Office and Google Docs with non document authoring elements such as Google Apps, Mail, Single-Sign-On, SMS and IM, with HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor compliance. ZSentry provides a secure Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) located as a middleware (we call it Network Middleware Application or NMA) between your business processes and the infrastructure needed to execute them. No need to change your applications or infrastructure. The infrastructure may be customer-hosted and also provided on-demand by means of "cloud computing" and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). More than just empower your Mail client to send and read secure email, ZSentry extends your existing IT investment with added mobility, usability, security, and versatility.

Unforgeable Authentication, Adaptive Security
The unforgeable authentication of both name and email address by ZSentry solves some critical usability and security problems relating to key-signing and certificate distribution in X.509/PKI, and is digitally equivalent to X.509/PKI unforgeable authentication, but without purchasing a CA certificate and having to safe-keep the private-key. ZSentry also uses Adaptive Security, which evaluates threats in real-time and quickly isolates potential attacks.

Security Beyond The Enterprise
For a number of reasons, including cost and management, it is usually not viable to include customers, partners, providers, and suppliers in a secure email account provided by an enterprise. However, there are regulatory and security needs for enterprises to communicate securely beyond the enterprise borders, with practically anyone and often on first contact.

The FREE ZSentry Basic satisfies these needs and is provided to assure regulatory compliance for the enterprise by enabling communication security beyond the enterprise borders at zero cost and with no burden for recipients.

ZSentry also offers a number of controls to improve both security and usability, even in a first-contact scenario. For example, the sender can allow a recipient to read securely without registration, while both registration and login can be required for others. Access can be further controlled by requesting a Return Receipt every time the message is opened. In addition, the sender can set a self-destruct control (received message expires and is no longer readable; archive copy does not expire) after a chosen period. This is also provided with a legal copyright use denial affecting any copies (including screenshots) after expiration. This means worry-free federal and state regulatory compliance regarding retention and discovery duties, even at a recipient's end that is beyond the enterprise.

No Targets
ZSentry effectively allays access and data security concerns locally, in the infrastructure, and in the cloud. Each customer's login and data are protected in separate by the ZSentry Sans Target technology, with configurable, encrypted metadata (keys are also protected by ZSentry Sans Target) providing a protected, standards-compliant, unique user experience and feature set for each customer. This is even more important in the context of "cloud computing" and SaaS, when user data may be stored in the "cloud". With ZSentry, customer access audit trails and customer data storage can be securely maintained in the "cloud" with encrypted, de-identified numbers, which access keys are provided and secured by the ZSentry technology.

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Mobility & Regulatory Compliance
Read how NMA ZSentry adds regulatory compliance including HIPAA & HITECH Safe Harbor, mobility, functionality and usability to your applications without changing them. Click for technical diagram and articleGo

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ZSentry is a security platform. ZSentry, ZSentry Mail, Zmail and Sans Target are NMA trademarks since 2001. Since 2004, ZSentry and secure email Zmail have been extensively used and peer reviewed, with the result that they offer higher security and usability than PKI/X.509, PGP, IBE and other security systems.

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