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HIPAA & Safe Harbor compliant

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Send ZSentry SMS to cell phones, with HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance, and enable free secure reply by texting or email (even if the phone cannot send email).

Works with no setup and no cost for recipients (except carrier costs), also with older phone models, and does not use email capability in the recipient's phone (even when replying by email). Instead of texting back, and be limited by SMS, your recipient (even if not a ZSentry user) can use FREE Secure Read & Replyť

All with less work for IT and users, with NO CHANGES» to services, devices, software, carrier, MX or other DNS records.

How ZSentry SMS works

Texting with ZSentry SMS is encrypted from end-to-end, and the messages self-destruct (expire) at a date/time selected by the sender.

Recipients will receive a single SMS, yet there is no limit on the sender's message length, colors, or formatting, and messages can include attachments that are also encrypted (rendering depends on recipient's device capability). Upon user authentication as chosen by the sender, the user will be able to read securely the entire message in the device's Web browser and use Secure Quick Reply, with no setup.

Senders can choose if they want a reply by ZSentry SMS or by ZSentry email, and can request to know when, where, and how recipients open / reply to the message. There is no setup for sending, receiving and replying securely.
HOW-TO send a ZSentry SMS: Just like with email, you use the SMS email address for the phone that you want to reach. ZSentry will automatically format your message to be received as a single, secure SMS.

SMS email address: Usually, this is the full 10-digit phone-number followed by "@" then the carrier's SMS gateway domain name. For example, send your ZSentry mail to the SMS email address as given below:
  • AT&T Mobility (US): 10-digit-phone-number@txt.att.net
  • Bell Mobility (Canada): 10-digit-phone-number@txt.bell.ca
  • Rogers (Canada): 10-digit-phone-number@pcs.rogers.com
  • T-Mobile (US): 10-digit-phone-number@tmomail.net
  • T-Mobile (Germany): 10-digit-phone-number@t-mobile-sms.de
  • Verizon (US): 10-digit-phone-number@vtext.com
For other carriers, or if these settings change, please search or consult your carrier.

To see how it works, get your phone's SMS email address and use it in the FREE Trial »

In short, ZSentry allows you to use texting on private or confidential matters, save cost and time, and obtain a secure and paperless record of the images, conversation, participants, time, places, and receipt, ready for processing.

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Fax / Scanner / Voicemail
Receive faxes, scans, and voicemail securely in your phone or desktop by ZSentry mail, or by ZSentry SMS if your phone does not use email capability. Reduce cost, prevent leaks, and eliminate lurking HIPAA non-compliance risks with fax, e-fax, scanners, and voicemail. Click ZSentry fax / scan / voicemail»

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