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You will need to use a ZSentry account. The Free Trial is not a ZSentry account. To have an account, you may signup through your organization or individually. For pricing and purchase, go to Pricing»

Individual or two Users: Follow steps 1-2-3 below. Then, use ZSentry with any mix of devices, apps, and solutions.

Organizations (>2 Users): The organization's ZSentry Account Managers (ZAM) control account roll-out, adding and removing users, and use.

The ZAM will follow steps 1-2-3 below; if Centralized Management is chosen, Users will not follow steps 1-2-3. We ask the organization's ZAM to read and be familiar with this page, and then expand and follow the Account Roll-Out instructions:
Expand / CollapseAccount Roll-Out for Organizations (tap to expand / close)

1 Signup: ZSentry Password and Usercode
You must have a ZSentry Account. Upon account start or reset, ZSentry sends an activation link to your Inbox, which you use to confirm your identifiers and create your ZSentry Password. You will receive by return email your ZSentry Usercode (six characters). These are your access codes. Write both down and keep them safe, not near your computer.
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2 Login / Portal / Dashboard: ZSentry App
Touch ZSentry App » and bookmark to your Home screen or desktop. Touch Login and enter your access codes (from step 1). You are now ready to send and receive secure email using the Web. There is no setup. Your secure emails will be received in your regular Inbox, as usual.
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3 Setup: ZSentry Client  (nothing to learn, no sign in, faster to use)
While logged in to ZSentry App (step 2, above), scroll to the bottom of the screen and in the Dashboard line, touch "Personalize" then "Save". This will authorize your account and send a [ZMAIL INFO] email to your Inbox, called PASS (not to confuse with the ZSentry Password) with the ZSentry Client setup information that you will use.
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After you receive your PASS: get instructions per device / app »

  • What's next? Try first to send a ZSentry mail to yourself, to see how it works. You will receive the ZSentry mail message at your email address, using your current email application. Follow the message instructions to read it. You can also send a ZSentry mail to anyone you want, there is no need to pre-register your recipients.
  • How To use ZSentry in your organization: click Solutions »
  • For a quick overview and examples, get the Trial »
  • Continue to read the next help items, with answers to frequent questions including HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor compliance.
  • If needed, contact the ZSentry Account Manager in your organization, or contact us:

    Support Ticket»  |  Call Toll Free»
Please make sure you complete steps 1 to 3 above, for full functionality.

4. How can I configure ZSentry or get a BAA for HIPAA compliance? Personalize ZSentry?
ZSentry services are provided using the ZSentry End-to-End Sans Target encryption technology in which ZSentry does not have the keys to decrypt and no protected data is permanently stored with ZSentry, although encrypted. The user and not ZSentry or a provider holds the keys. ZSentry works both as a “conduit” and as a “sealed service” in the HIPAA context and satisfies the Safe Harbor provision of the HITECH Act, which exempt your organization of:
  1. the need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance, although a BAA can be signed if desired; and
  2. duties of breach notification rules and reporting, under HIPAA, State Breach Notification Laws, and worldwide.
The ZSentry service interface and the data viewed or generated for transmission are ONC/CHPL certified to constitute fully compliant Standard Transactions under HIPAA without a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Nonetheless, if desired and for the same effect under HIPAA, ZSentry can sign a Business Associate Agreement with your organization as a Service User. To request, submit a Support Ticket for "HIPAA BAA" and provide the organization's characterization as a Covered Entity under HIPAA.

You can personalize ZSentry, including a range of sender-defined choices for HIPAA compliance, sending secure email, SMS, data storage, and other uses.

To read more about the Default configuration and how to personalize: click ZSentry Dashboard »

Google Apps and Gmail users: See also ZSentry for Google Apps How-To »

5. What If I Forget My Password or Usercode?
That's why we suggested you write both down (and do not keep them near your computer). Now, you can reset your account to get new access codes, then redo steps 1-3. Touch "Reset Account" in the ZSentry App or click Reset Account. ZSentry does not store or know your Usercode or Password.

6. Where's My Account Information?
After you log in to ZSentry App, you will see your registered Name and Email Address. When using ZSentry App, Client or API, send an email to yourself to see your registered Name, Email Address, and Organization Name. Please make sure they are correct.

7. How Can I Delete My Account?
Use the ZSentry App or touch Delete Account»

8. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Decrypt, Read, Reply, and Save: You receive the secure message in your regular Inbox, encrypted. Follow the message instructions. Usually, just click the secure link -- where the link MUST begin with https://zsentry.com/. For added security, you can copy the link and paste it in the location bar of your web browser and then (visually or by a white-list control proxy) make sure that the link begins with https://zsentry.com/ before you use the Enter or Go key in your device. Your actions will also decrypt and load any attachments.
  • Encrypt and Send: With ZSentry Client (*), your use your own Mail client to compose the email and load attachments, then you select the secure account (ZSentry) in your device, and touch Send. With ZSentry App(*), you use a Web browser to compose the email and load attachments, then touch "Encrypt & Send". In either case, that's all! The email will be encrypted and sent according to your account's ZSentry Dashboard settings, which you can personalize. Some devices may require setup.
(*)You use ZSentry App just with your Web browser. You use ZSentry Client with a Mail client (Outlook, iPhone, Android) or a Cloud client (Gmail, Google Apps, Zoho, FastMail).

Touch to read more Frequently Asked Questions»

9. Where Are The HIPAA And Other Regulatory Compliance Terms?
Touch to read the ZSentry Compliance Statement»

10. What Are The Terms Of Service For My Premium Account?
ZSentry Premium Terms of Service»

HELP: Call Toll Free (not available for your device)

Read More Partners
Our ZSentry Certified Partners» may also provide local and online services for your organization, and help assure regulatory compliance.

Why Your Organization Should Use ZSentry
ZSentry online and mobile technology can help your business find new ways for cost reduction, and go beyond to focus on generating more value to customers and users. ZSentry provides regulatory compliance with unfettered mobility, and makes your messages stand out from the clutter. Send secure messages with 1-click, including mail and SMS. Receive secure messages in your regular Inbox, as usual, and read with 1-click. Use the Dashboard to include branding, and personalize options.

COMPLY WITH BUSINESS REGULATIONS: Regular email is not a secure method of communication. Every email or attachment you send over a computer network is copied (and perhaps even backed up) on many different computers, without your explicit knowledge and consent. Anyone can send a regular email in your name or using your email address.
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