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Since 2004, users worldwide have trusted ZSentry Mail (Zmail) to secure millions of email messages.

ZSentry, ZSentry Mail and secure email Zmail are NMA technology and trademarks since 2001. The ZSentry technology was first qualified by the Swedish Government's Ministry of Justice Statskontoret in 2001. This was continued by a number of public tests in the US and abroad. The first ZSentry Mail (Zmail) was sent in July 2004, followed by open public tests with a free sign up model.

In our experience, it has been important to our users that ZSentry can provide the following aspects at the same time: work with existing solutions, enhance functionality, securely connect different systems, prevent messages from being confused with spam and phishing, eliminate attack targets such as login credentials, keys, and vulnerable customer data, all with no plugins and no download.

In public tests and beta operation, hundreds of thousands of people have used Internet services powered by ZSentry, often without realizing that anything out of the ordinary was happening while, behind the scenes, the ZSentry technology was at work.

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